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Learn to keep Bees at T&S bee Farm

beekeeping classes

I'm Thom Carey creator of "My hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping. I'm offering both private and group beekeeping lessons at my Bee Farm in Sale City Georgia. Sale City is located and hour South of Albany Georgia in Mitchell County.

Maybe your like me and you have always wanted to keep honey bees. So what is stopping you? By taking one of our Beekeeping class based on the information in "My Hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping you will know what you are doing before you jump in. I teach all our beekeeping classes personally. Be well informed before you start keeping bees by enrolling in one of our beekeeping classes.

Taking a beekeeping class is essential for today's new beekeepers. There is a push to make beekeeping appear practically hands-free. New beekeepers are failing to implement best management practices. I want to be your mentor. I have spent years keeping bees, Producing honey, crop pollination, removing bees from homes, speaking and writing about bees. Facebook me if you have any questions about bees or beekeeping. Our classes for 2017 are filling up faster then ever before. Learn how to keep bees with this hands-on course that teaches you how to start, maintain and care for your bees.

Beekeeping Topics Covered
Early Beekeeping
Honey Bees’ Objectives
Art and Science of Bee Culture
Races of Honey Bees
Honey Bee Anatomy
Basic Honey Bee Biology
Caste System
Individual Honey Bee Biology
Biology of Queens
Biology of Workers
Biology of Drones
Foraging and Recruitment
Honey Bee Communication
Hive Furniture
Beekeeping Tools
Protective Clothing
Bee Sting Bee Sting Symptoms
Starting with Package Bees
Starting With a Nuc Hive
First Spring Management of a New Hive
Spring Management Problems and Solutions
Summer Management
Summer Management Problems and Solutions
Fall Management
Fall Management Problems and Solutions
Winter Management
Winter Management Problems and Solutions
Bee Pests, Diseases and Treatment

With such a strong interest in beekeeping classes, you will want to sign up early. Cost for group beekeeping lessons is $39.95 per person and includes a copy of "My Hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping, snacks, and lunch. (10 person minimum.)

Call 248-909-8895

Missed a class?
We will continue to add more classes to our schedule to accommodate the growing interest in beekeeping.

If you can not make it to one of our classes, all of the content of the class can be found in "My hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping. This 4 DVD, beginner beekeeping video is avalible at these fine vendors or order yours now.